“Some electric utilities, such as Southern Company, still continue to fight against legal limits on CO2 emissions from power plants,” according to EPI’s report. “Many continue to fund special interest groups that attack climate science.”

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This isn’t the first report about massive public deception regarding climate science. As the EPI researchers noted, “It is a story with striking parallels to the ongoing investigations into what ExxonMobil and the oil industry knew decades ago, long before they joined with electric utilities, automakers, and manufacturers to sow doubt about the causes and risks of climate change.”

The New York and Massachusetts attorneys general are investigating reports from 2015 that claim ExxonMobil misled its investors and the public about climate change for decades. Environmental advocacy groups, including 350.org, have even launched an #ExxonKnew campaign to raise awareness about the alleged deception.

The report’s authors weren’t alone in drawing comparisons to ExxonMobil. As author and 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben and Greer Ryan, a sustainability research associate at the Center for Biological Diversity, both noted on Twitter:

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