There were plenty of calls for the side to broaden their game and after Wales’ hefty win over Italy, Ireland were forced to chase scores.

It ended up coaxing a brilliantly devastating attacking display from the team, and Murray says the players were very pleased with how they bounced back from the loss to Warren Gatland’s men.

“We were very proud with what we did when we came off the pitch,” Murray said.

It was Ireland’s first back-to-back title since 1948/1949 and although delighted with the achievement, Murray is excited about the side’s untapped potential as attention shifts to the World Cup in the autumn.

“Constantly through the Six Nations we have performed well, we have played well but there have been a few areas where we know we can do better,” Murray said.

“That is quite exciting for us as a team with back-to-back Championships now. We know we can get better and push on.”

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