Eights schools will be taking part on 8 July by inviting 400 kids aged 8-11 to the roadshow, described as a pilot for what could become a national scheme that aims to combine cross curriculum activity and foster wider access to sport. More information on the ‘TriKnights’ project here.

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Alison Saunders, Head teacher at St Lawrence primary school (Stone Street) which will be taking part in the day, said: “This is a unique and exciting opportunity for the children to be exposed to a contemporary and popular sport. 

“It is our role to expose children to changing trends in learning and sport and help motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Triathlon broken down is swimming, cycling and running so naturally part of a child’s life, and we hope to use this fun platform as a creative way of delivering the curriculum and benefiting the children.”

The day will see the children’s time split between cultural education and sport. The triathlon section will encompass a lake swim, cycle around the lake and run through the grounds pre-empted and supported by triathlon coaches who have been involved in the Olympic Games (www.thetrilife.co.uk).   


For more information contact Yvonne Turner at Yvonne@castletriathlonseries.co.uk.

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