>>> Ironman bought by China’s Dalian Wanda group for $650

No surprise really – it’s triathlon’s biggest corporate deal yet, and involves arguably the sport’s biggest player, a brand that has gone from a handful of endurance enthusiasts in Hawaii to a global business worth $650m.

So what do triathletes and other commentators think? Well some are (understandably) concerned this might lead to a rise in entry prices:

Others wonder if there will be a change at feed stations:

And Joe Richer hopes it doesn’t mean any changes for the famous finish line chute salute:

More than one reader thinks it’ll be ‘business as usual’:

Killian Long points out there’s still a long way for triathlon to go in China:

Tony Ball hopes the live coverage will benefit:

Finally, Tim Tansley says now might be the time to start investing in tattoo removal firms:

(Main image: Getty)


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