The bill under question would wrest hiring and firing powers away from unions and impose mandatory evaluative tests on education workers. Teachers and their allies are slamming the ‘reforms’ as a ploy to blame teachers for Mexico’s education shortcomings, rather than look to the severe under-funding and privatization of education that devastate school systems, particularly in poor areas.

Their political battle echoes the U.S. fight against corporate education reform aimed at curbing teachers’ rights and privatizing public education, which has been met with protest and strikes, but not the full-scale revolts sweeping Mexico.

“It is an attack on the teaching profession and does absolutely nothing to help improve education,” Francisco Bravo, one of the protest leaders, said in a news conference, the LA Times reports.

The teachers, who so far successfully prevented passage of the bill by forcing Congress from their legislative chambers, vow they will not let up until they’ve prevented the damaging education reforms from going through.

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“We will be here as long as necessary,” Heriberto Magariño López, a teacher and union official from Oaxaca, said during a protest, the Wall Street Journal reports.


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