The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has played a key role in exposing covert U.S. drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia and has won awards for its coverage. Experts say this new initiative will shed critical light on U.S. drone wars, not only in Pakistan, but throughout the region.

“I think this is a tremendously important project,” Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy told Common Dreams. “We are told drones are magic super-weapons that never kill civilians, and the U.S. government was just talking about bombing Syria with cruise missiles. If 20 percent of people killed in Pakistan are civilian, when we are using the magic super-weapon, what would happen in a 2 to 3 month air war on Syria?”

He added, “This shows why it is really crucial to stick our nose into who’s being killed by U.S. power.”

In a video announcing the initiative, Jennifer Gibson, a lawyer with legal campaign group Reprieve, declared, “We can’t start getting to the bottom of who’s being killed until we know the names of those who have been killed,” 


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