“Just as the evidence of man-made climate change is becoming stronge” explained Gore, “so too is our understanding of how it hits people, especially around hunger.”

As the much anticipated fifth assessment report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is due out at the end of this week, Oxfam’s report is designed to coincide with that release and offer a closer look at how the warming of the planet will directly impact food systems and the health of vulnerable populations, especially children..

As The Guardian reports:

Highlighting evidence from around the world, the report offered numerous examples of how extreme weather and climate change have a had direct impact on food productivity and price:

Ahead of the pending news sure to follow the IPPC’s report on Friday, Oxfam’s Gore concluded: “Leaders listening to the latest findings from climate scientists this week must remember that a hot world is a hungry world. They must take urgent action to slash emissions and direct more resources to building a sustainable food system.”


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