“Wind power will be cheaper than electricity produced from natural gas within a decade, even without a federal tax incentive,” Bloomberg noted.

The Christian Science Monitor reported: “Wind is poised to provide almost as much power in 2050 as coal-fired power plants provide today.”

Pre-empting criticisms from those who worry that wind power harms ecosystems and certain animal species, Defenders of Wildlife president and CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark—among those who advised the DOE on its report—wrote:

Furthermore, realizing the goals laid out in the DOE’s report will require continued cost reductions, improved efficiencies, added transmission capacity, and governmental policies friendly to the growth of the wind industry, its authors warn. The risk of inaction is high.

“Wind’s growth over the decade leading to 2014 has been driven largely by wind technology cost reductions and federal and state policy support,” reads the report’s executive summary. “Without actions to support wind’s competitive position in the market going forward, the nation risks losing its existing wind manufacturing infrastructure and much of the public benefit illustrated by the Wind Vision analysis.”

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