The statement comes amid an escalating privacy battle between the FBI and Apple, as the tech company continues to resist the government’s orders to unlock Syed Farook’s encrypted iPhone. While intelligence agencies have insisted that the FBI’s demands are specific to the San Bernardino case, Apple and other tech companies and privacy advocates have repeatedly warned that building a backdoor to encrypted data could set a dangerous precedent for the expansion of government authority.

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In fact, reporting from earlier this month suggests the Department of Justice is already pursuing court orders to force Apple to unlock iPhones in about a dozen undisclosed cases.

Moreover, Hussein said on Friday, weakening encryption could bring additional dangers to national security—like exposing users’ personal information to exploitation by hackers or repressive governments around the world.

“This is not just about one case and one IT company in one country,” Hussein said. “It will have tremendous ramifications for the future of individuals’ security in a digital world which is increasingly inextricably meshed with the actual world we live in.”

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