“Two weeks ago, at a rally in Virginia, when pro-immigration activists tried to interrupt Trump, his supporters physically attacked them,” Robinson continued. “Just this past weekend a white nationalist convening called Trump an ‘icebreaker’ for the white nationalist cause—someone who is introducing and legitimizing the racist views of white nationalists to the mainstream public.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center noted in August that an “energized rights nationalist movement” is rallying behind Trump’s proposed immigration policies. “Trump’s toxic anti-immigrant rhetoric is not without consequence,” the organization stated. “History tells us that specifically targeting a minority communities and whipping up a climate of fear and bigotry can have very real negative results.”

Upon announcing his candidacy in June, the multi-billionaire Trump called Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “criminals”—then defended his comments as “entirely accurate” two weeks later. Trump’s derogatory statements prompted several TV networks, including NBC, to cut ties with him this summer.

NBC and SNL have so far refused to respond to public outrage at their decision to invite Trump to host Saturday’s show.

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