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In response, Whitehouse told those inside, “You are entitled to an explanation of why I have voted for some of the defense nominees and I will concede right off the bat that I may have been wrong.”

Afterwards, Whitehouse used a bullhorn to addressed the angry crowd outside, who wanted to know where he stands on Trump’s remaining nominees. To loud cheers, Whitehouse ticked off those he would not be voting for: “Education, no. State, no. Attorney general, no. EPA director, really big no. Treasury, no. Labor, no.”

“But much to the chagrin of several particularly vocal attendees, he could not commit to obstructing Trump or his nominees at every given opportunity,” the Brown Daily Herald observed.

One voice from the crowd asked Whitehouse, “Can you take a message to Democratic legislators? The majority of the American people are behind them and we need them to lead bravely.”

Whitehouse is just the latest Democratic lawmaker to be challenged for supporting Trump’s agenda.

As Intercept report Lee Fang pointed out on Monday, “Activists around the country have increasingly called on Democratic lawmakers to do more to stop Trump’s nominations. Last Tuesday, more than 100 demonstrators picketed Sen. Mark Warner’s office in northern Virginia to protest the senator’s support for Pompeo. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., said his office received more than 50,000 emails and letters urging him to oppose the nomination of [Betsy] DeVos.”

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