According to recent polling data, most Americans—and more than 70 percent of Democratic voters—support Medicare for All.

As Public Citizen president Robert Weissman argued Thursday’s event, the primary obstacle in the way of achieving a single-payer is not public opinion, but the entrenched interests of insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

“The problem is not a lack of solutions. We know what the solution is: Medicare for All,” Weissman said. “The problem is the influence and power of the hospitals and the drug companies and the for-profit insurance companies. That’s the problem. And that is why the creation of this caucus is so vital. It’s vital because it represents a turning point in our politics, where people power is now poised to defeat corporate power in the halls of Congress.”

“Millennials will help us, older people will help us, two-year-olds if they can talk will help us,” Weissman added. “Everybody agrees on this, except the vested interests that benefit from a rigged, flawed, cruel, and immoral system.”

While just 62 House Democrats signed on as original members of the Medicare for All Caucus (view a full list of the members here), that number is expected to swell rapidly in the coming weeks, given that 122 Democrats are currently co-sponsoring the House Medicare for All bill, reintroduced by Rep. Ellison earlier this year.

Outlining the central mission of the new caucus in a series of tweets on Thursday, Jayapal wrote, “We want to make sure that everyone has a practical understanding of how we can make this system work.”

“Our Medicare for All Caucus will help build the evidence base for Medicare for All,” Jayapal concluded. “We’ll spread the word on everything from Medicare for All basics to financing to information on healthcare around the world. We will make sure members of Congress and their staff have the resources to move Medicare for All forward.”

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