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Appearing on Democracy Now! on Tuesday, Lipton further revealed that the Judicial Crisis Network—a so-called grassroots organization that has spent millions of dollars on pro-Gorsuch television and radio ads—only has two unknown donors listed on their tax records, which he tied back to Ann and Neil Corkery and their organization the Wellspring Committee.

According to, the Corkery’s have either been board members or officers with “the Catholic League, an aggressive defender of the church against what it sees as ‘slanderous assaults,'” and “the National Organization for Marriage, which has fiercely fought official recognition of gay marriage,” in addition to the Judicial Crisis Network.

Another shadowy group, the Koch Brothers’-backed Concerned Veterans for America, has also been a leading proponent of Gorsuch, flooding conservative districts where a Democrat faces re-election with calls, urging voters to contact their Senators and demand confirmation, according to the right-wing National Review.

Going a step further and connecting the conservative donors with Gorsuch’s controversial view in regards to the “Chevron deference,” Lipton explained how his confirmation could pave the way for massive deregulation.

In a 2016 court opinion, Gorsuch wrote that the idea that courts should defer to experts at agencies has “permit[ted] executive bureaucracies to swallow huge amounts of core judicial and legislative power and concentrate federal power in a way that seems more than a little difficult to square with the Constitution of the framers’ design. Maybe the time has come to face the behemoth.”

As Lipton told Democracy Now!:

Watch the segment below:

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