In a tweet on Thursday, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said Iran will “take this new aggression to U.N. and show that the U.S. is lying about international waters.”

Sina Toossi, Research Associate at NIAC, warned in a statement that the drone incident represents “yet another potential trip mine to all-out war.”

“If it is proven that Iran shot down the U.S. drone over international waters, it is a provocative act that must be condemned by the international community,” Toossi said. “Regardless, there is a vital need for immediate U.S.-Iran deescalation. There are no military solutions to the U.S. disputes with Iran—only diplomatic ones.”

“However,” Toossi added, “rather than pursue sincere diplomacy, President Trump has elected to pile on pressure with no strategic foresight at the behest of uber-hawkish advisors like John Bolton.”

During a press conference on following Trump’s tweet Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said members of Congress from both parties will receive a briefing on the drone incident and warned against “reckless” action.

“I think it’s a dangerous situation,” Pelosi said, adding that she doesn’t think “the president wants to go to war.”

“There is no appetite for going to war in our country,” said Pelosi.

The downing of the U.S. drone comes as the Trump administration is reportedly laying the groundwork for a military attack on Iran without congressional approval.

As Politico reported on Wednesday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)—who over the weekend called for a “military strike” against Iran—”has spoken to several high-ranking U.S. officials and the president himself about the rising tensions with Iran after the U.S. blamed the Islamic Republic for attacking two oil tankers.”

NIAC’s Toossi said that if Trump truly wants to avoid war with Iran—as he has claimed several times over the past month—”he needs new advisers that would reopen channels of dialogue and enact policies that would bring Trump closer to a deal with Tehran, not war.”

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